Cucuzza Piantagione di Cordaro



"The Cordaro Cucuzza Plantation"            

World's Largest Commercial Grower of Italian Cucuzza Squash

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We are an independent supplier of quality products to supermarket chains and produce wholesalers nationwide. 

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Our Cucuzza featured on: New Orleans
Frank Davis prepares "Cucuzza Smothered in Sicilian Red Gravy". 
Our Cucuzza featured on:
'Melissa's Fresh Produce Tips' Video

Our Cucuzza featured on:
Houston Italian Cooking Show.
Pasta con Cucuzza e Fave  (Print Recipe)    (2002)

  Our Piantagione featured on:
CBS Affiliate KSLA (Shreveport, LA) (1992)

Christopher Cordaro's
Italian Cucuzza Piantagione
 is located in Ruston, near

CMC Farms & CMC Wholesale  
Christopher Cordaro -
Established 19